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Cubicle Challenge

The Cubicle Challenge
Office cubicles, theyre a fact of life in just about every company, and millions of people work in them. While weve all come to accept the office cubicle as a fixture of the modern business environment, there can be drawbacks to working in one.

For example, they can lack privacy simply because they are basically open...usually with no doors and with walls that only reach partially to the ceiling. At times, the inherent design of a cubicle can be a detriment to working productively, negatively affecting the ability of office workers to obtain daily goals such as meeting deadlines.

To follow are some straightforward tips that could help accomplish a higher level of office productivity despite the distractions that come with working in a cubicle:  

Keep the noise level down. As you might guess, one of the biggest detriments to working in a cubicle is the fact that because theyre not sound-proof its easy to be distracted by too much noise. Be courteous to your fellow workers and encourage them to do the same by avoiding the use of radios or CD players. Also, be aware of the volume of your voice when on the telephone and try to avoid shouting over the walls to fellow workers.

Create visual barriers. Many office cubicles have particularly low walls that provide very little privacy. Try stacking books on shelves near the top of the wall to effectively increase the height of the wall.  

Remember that neatness counts, especially in a cubicle. Most cubicles are limited in the amount of space in which they allow you to work. Try not to accumulate too much extraneous stuff that can cause your workspace to become messy and more crowded than it already is. For example, if you receive a box from the mail room, remove what you need and discard the box. Also, do not allow paperwork to build up. File as soon as you possibly can.

Keep visitation to a minimum. The openness of a cubicle can be especially tempting to office visitors who want to just drop by for a chat. Although such visits are OK once in a while, they can be highly distracting to you as well as your cube-mates if theres a continual stream of visitors.

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