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Daily Regimen

5 things you should do each day to help optimize office productivity
There’s a lot to be said for productivity. For instance, business people who have the ability to get more done in less time typically can devote extra energies to advancing their careers and earning more money. Furthermore, being more productive can also allow time for enhancing your personal life by enabling you to leave the office on time each night. The benefits can go on and on, but you get the idea how important it is to optimize your productivity.

Here are 5 tasks, in no particular order, that you can perform daily in your office to help ensure that you’re as productive as you can be:

1) Back up your computer files. Just imagine all the time you’d lose, not to mention the frustration involved, if your hard drive crashed and you had to somehow recreate your word processing projects, spread sheets and other documents.

2) Clear your desk of clutter. This is probably a job best completed at the end of each day, giving you a nice, clear workspace to begin each following day. Remove all those items that tend to build up throughout the day...memos, loose papers, stray pens and pencils, written messages, mail, etc. – and either file it away for safekeeping, or if not needed anymore, throw it away. Use Pendaflex PileSmart® folders to keep all of you desktop files in order.

3) Read and if necessary reply back to emails. You know that emails can really accumulate if you let them, to the point where it could take many hours to go through them all. Make certain to keep up with the task of reading and taking immediate action on the emails you receive as you receive them, before they have the opportunity to grow in number and become overwhelming. 
4) Return your phone messages. The same as emails, the amount of voicemails you receive each day can build to the point where way too much time can be spent on them. As soon as you get a message, if possible, try and make a return call. This will not only help you be more productive overall, it will provide the added benefit of enhancing your relationship with the caller by demonstrating that their call is a priority to you.

5) Make lists. Regular readers of this newsletter have read it here before: creating a “to-do” list is one of the very best ways to boost productivity – giving you a written blueprint for each day’s activities along with the satisfaction that comes with crossing things off the list as you complete them.
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