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Desk Rage

Desk Rage: A Growing Problem
Maybe you've witnessed it, or, perhaps you've even been involved in a scuffle at work. It might start as a few well-chosen angry words between office co-workers whose desks are located within close proximity of one another. Soon, the verbal battle escalates, sometimes even becoming physical.

Problem is, desk rage, much like road rage, is happening all too often as office workers become more and more stressed, constantly on edge and at the boiling-over point. Unfortunately, as the stress builds day in and day out, the hot buttons of anger can get even hotter until all heck breaks out.

Here are some strategies we suggest for coping with the growing problem of desk rage: 

Let your cooler head prevail. If you feel that a situation with a co-worker is becoming volatile, take a step back...a time out...and re-access what's going on. How did the anger grow so much? What caused it? How can we talk it over and work things out before the potential for fist-flying begins? 

Put yourself in their shoes. You have a gripe, but so does your co-worker. And although you may think you're the only one that's in the right, your co-worker may also have a valid point. Its very possible that once you take a moment to carefully consider where they're coming from, you may better understand what the differences between you are all about...and then you can work to settle them.   

Offer a helping hand. Many times, desk rage ensues when a person in the office is having a particularly bad day, or, something is bothering them in their life. Then, they take their emotions out on a co-worker. If you sense this, try asking them if you can help. Such an approach might be all they need, and your gesture could diffuse a big problem later on.

Change venues, at least temporarily. You see your co-worker every day; they and you occupy the same cubicles week in and week out. And it's right there, between your workspace and theirs, that a feud has developed. Attempt to make a truce by inviting your co-worker to lunch or for a get-together after work. Many times, a simple change in the atmosphere surrounding two people can be the difference that changes foes into friends.


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